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SlumberShield Mattress Encasements - Reviews


I’ve Got The Best of Both Worlds.

 If you’re wondering which product to buy to protect against allergies, I would highly recommend the SlumberShield Mattress Encasement. It’s designed with a zipper that locks all sides of the mattress, keeping the critters out and me safe. Plus, the waterproof fabric also protects the mattress from spills and stains. It’s also easy to wash, you just throw it into the washing machine and dry on low heat. – April Goodman

Great Mattress Encasement.

Not only does the SlumberShield Encasement keep out allergens, it is also mould resistant and keeps out bacteria too. I love this encasement so much, I bought two for total protection while one is in the wash. Andrea Lee

 My Encasement Works Perfectly.

The material is luxurious, soft and noise-free. The zipper keeps out bed bugs, mold, bacteria and more. The fabric is waterproof, but still ventilated. It’s low maintenance- both machine washable and dryable - Leena Hertzog

 Allergies? What Allergies?

Since I purchased the SlumberShield Mattress Encasement, I’m safe in the knowledge that this product will keep me protected from bed-bugs, dust-mites and other allergens. It is also has the added benefit of being spill-proof, keeping my mattress protected from stains. It’s great value for money and is just as effective as the expensive brands I’ve tried before – Rhea Lopez

 Great Mattress Cover Product.

I’ve never bought a mattress encasement before, but after developing allergies, I decided to invest in one to keep out the critters, mold and bacteria etc. If you want a clean healthy mattress, I would highly recommend this mattress encasement. It has multiple purposes - it is anti- allergy and waterproof to keep out stains and spills. Plus it does the same job as the more expensive ones, so you save money too! - Deanna Reece