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SlumberCool Mattress Protectors - Reviews

Keeps me cool at night.

I have never bought a mattress protector before, but since I got my memory foam mattress, I have been looking for one that will keep me cool and keep my new mattress protected, from dirt and spills. The SlumberCool covers all three necessities. June Nelson

Waterproof and Cooling

The SlumberCool mattress protector had a dual function. It keeps me cool in warmer weather and is waterproof. It's easy to wash and dry so I bought 2 for total protection while 1 is in the wash.  Sarah Oliver

No more sleeping hot at night!

I purchased this particular product for it’s easy maintenance and lightness. It fits like a dream on the mattress and provides extra padding for comfort. It keeps the mattress and me cool at night. I have consistently had a good night’s sleep since I started using SlumberCool. -Kelly Mann

Works great and great value for money.

If you are a woman of a certain age who wants to sleep without overheating at night, then this is the mattress protector that I would recommend. It keeps the mattress cool. No more night sweats!  Aiyanna Blumenthal

Very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it!

This mattress protector is one of the best that I have purchased within my price range. It was recommended to me by a friend who also has trouble sleeping at night because of night sweats.  The SlumberCool mattress protector does the job just as well as the more pricey ones on the market. It’s great value for money. In addition to keeping me cool at night, and protecting the mattress from dirt and spills, it’s easy to clean - just wash it on cool temperatures and dry it on cool and you’re done. Carmen Macias

A Winning Mattress Protector!!

This is a wonderful mattress protector! First, it arrived early, which rarely happens. The mattress protector has a nice feel to it and it seems like it is made of quality fabric. It also fits the mattress perfectly with no extra bagginess. You don't even know that it is waterproof. It is totally quiet when you move on it. I have had waterproof mattress pads before and they make a lot of noise. What turned me on to this mattress cover was that I was looking for something to cover our brand new mattress. This mattress cover is quilted on the top and has a luxurious feel.  Rosemary Cohen 

Works Great!

This saved us from having to replace a mattress. No crinkle noise like cheaper protectors. Doesn't make the bed hotter either!  Cynthia Tyler